Wednesday, April 21, 2010

East Bound and Down

Hello all, and by "all" I mean the two people who are following this blog. Now that I feel like I have something to write about i am going to try to post periodically, whereas before I just posted a conglomeration of stories that I had previously written on other sites. I still recommend going back and taking a look at a few.
Anyway, my wife Heidi and I moved out to Morehead City, NC on April 6 of this year. While it has only been a couple of weeks, the transition has been so easy that Morehead quickly feels like home. I took a job with Olympus Dive Center as a divemaster, and thus far, the increase in diving frequency has made the move well worthwhile.

However, it obviously does not pay to do the things that one enjoys, so when you revert back to your high school days of making minimum wage then you are forced to rent something that looks like this.....

Now, I know what the first thing is you think when you look at this picture, "they haven't even taken the rental sign out of the yard!" Don't worry, it was out when we got here, just an outdated picture.

We actually have been very pleased with our house, and our neighbors have made us feel very welcome.

Morehead so far has lots of perks, like a small town feel, but with lots of people; our house is like three blocks from the water, but the biggest perk is....

this is a statue with a plaque beneath it claiming to be of "Neptune," but myself and the Gutenkunst family know that this giant statue with nipples as big as my head, is actually big daddy John Harris. I am not sure if this picture captures my pose accurately, but let it be noted that I am not just grotesquely grabbing at the statue like an immature middle schooler, but am instead delicately positioning my thumb and forefinger of each hand around the statue's teat, if you will.

Anyway, we have gotten off to a good start here in Morehead and hope that some of you will find these as compelling reasons to come visit. And in case you are wondering, the statue is right outside of my dive shop, so if you are wanting to take compromising and/or immature pictures with the statue then that can be arranged.