Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gauchos; by any other name are just sweatpants

For all of you ladies out there, I have to give it to you. Once again, you have used your innate ability for manipulation to curb something toward your convenience.

Gauchos, or Gouchos (I found both spellings), are nothing more than sweatpants. I submit they are even more laxed than sweatpants because they don't even taper in any way, shape or form, they just flap freely in the wind. Women have come up with this new name for sweatpants allowing them to dress comfortalby at the work place. Can men do this, I think not. In a professional office men are required to wear stuffy shirts and ties that trap every ounce of heat in no matter the time of year. In my opinion, this is unacceptable. Just because women dress up the name a little and throw on some heels with pants that Bozo the clown wore does not mean they are dress pants. I just think it is a little sexist to allow women to wear sweatpants in the work place and not men.

In light of this, my colleague Christopher Aderhold and I have declared Wednesdays as Goucho Wednesday from here on out. Today is his last day of work, and yes he wore his "Gouchos" to work. Everyone who has seen him today probably thought, "that guy wore sweat pants to the office, how crazy" But I think after we get past the imbalance in the fashion world between men and women then men everywhere can stand up proudly against the oppression and begin wearing their pajamas to work.

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