Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Middle Seat of the Pickup

Now that I have this newly discovered tool of Facebook Notes at my disposal, I feel that I should bring up the age old question of whether or not is ok for a girl to ride in the middle of a pickup.

At one time I used this topic as a conversation starter. Now that I can address a large network of people, I feel it is necessary to, take from the table if you will, this question that has, in the past, has caused quite a conundrum in group settings; not the least of which is between my girlfriend, who adamently opposes riding in the middle, and I who thinks it is completely reasonable.

That being said, i now turn the question out to the all knowing facebook public. Some of you have undoubtedly had this discussion with me before and forgot about it, but now you have had time to think about it and may have come up with some better arguments for your side. Please share, i would like to know everyone's thoughts on whether or not girls (or guys, not that there's anything wrong with that) should ride in the middle seat.

Just for arguments sake, lets say the pickup is an automatic.

1 comment:

  1. I have never driven a truck so I cannot answer from experience. However, I think there are times when it is appropriate but do not think it should happen on a regular basis.

    I am also very against sitting on the same side of the booth or table when it is just 2 people. I think it with either a) decrease conversation due to lack of eye contact or b) cause a sore neck.